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Finally Summer!

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Finally Summer!

  I wrote this post about two months ago...and then forgot to post it! That should tell you right there how crazy my life has been this summer. It hasn't slowed down much at all except when I had bronchitis. SO, I was going to post today about some things that have been going on and I found this post sitting there waiting to be posted. So for now you must content yourself with some of my jewelry creations. I promise I will post some house updates soon!

Amazing how the weather has been lately, isn't it?
 I have read so many posts on facebook about people wondering 
what is up in their corner of the world.
 Well we are no different here. It has been the strangest long drawn out winter. 
I had one day last month where I woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground.
 It proceeded to melt and the sun was shining like crazy. 
Then it went on to snow, with another 3" accumulation on the ground, 
melt/sun, rain/hail, snow again, sun again, snow...all within about 6 hours of time.
 I have never seen such a crazy weather day in my life! Finally though spring is here...or maybe summer but that is iffy. I am still wearing jackets off and on. Today is the third day this month where I opened the windows. I am sure being in the mountains has a lot to do with this but it is so odd to me.

  So because of this weather I never really got out of my hibernating mode this year. 
I never hit my spring cleaning phase like I always do. 
I have been quiet, spending my days wrapping wire, which I continue to absolutely love, 
or working on small projects around the house.  
I will try to update you on a few things I have done. 
But today I am just going to post a few photos of my latest jewelry designs. 
I am still so happy with the wire. It has lifted me out of my depression over my sewing. 
It is almost as good as thread! 
It has giving me a new hope, a much needed hope in my life
 so please forgive my constant crowing over it. I am so happy though!

   This pendant design came to me in a dream one night 
and I got up the next morning
and started working hard to capture it.
 It took me an entire week to work out the kinks and finally it coalesced into what I wanted.
It was quite a struggle there for awhile with a massive ball of wires coming out in every direction!
 I am learning though and I think I am finally getting it!

 This is a gorgeous piece of blue agate I bought in Bordeaux 
and as a nice touch I added a beautiful purple pearl that I bought from Debbie Fang, a very talented jewelry artist who also has a hoard of gems that would make anyone swoon.

   This is a pair of earrings I made a few weeks back. 
As usual I got the design in my head and I could not stop thinking about it until I made them. 
I am beginning to see a certain style creep into my work.
 I don't know if this is just a phase or not but I do seem to be going intricate just like with my thread work.

I love creeping leaves and flowers.
 I remember in highschool we would take big sheets of paper on breaks and draw with our markers. Everyone would join in and I so wish I still had a few of those, they were so much fun.
 I was always drawing vines with roses. Not sure why I like this motif so much but I still find myself scribbling them in the borders of my notes and such.

  And finally a pair of boho chandelier earrings that are big and chunky
 and hang almost to my shoulders!
 They feel so daring and bright and bold. 
The beads at the bottom are little pips in picasso. 
They are a silver finish with little splashes of black and spots of a golden yellow here and there. 
I adore those beads and they are the whole inspiration for these earrings. 
They begged to be hung from the ears to click and jingle away as they sway back and forth.

  So see, I have been busy. 
I will try to update you more often instead of trying to cram a bunch into one post. 
I still have plenty of other things to tell you about what's going on in the house and I promise I will do that very soon!

  Hope you are having a very nice bit of weather in your part of the world.  


A Few New Designs

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A Few New Designs
I was hit by a stomach bug this month and it really knocked me down for a few weeks. 
Still clawing my way back to normalcy but I am mostly my old self. 
When I was feeling pretty low I just sat and did tutorial work. 
Love that stuff when I don't feel good enough to design. 
Fills my need to create without the energy that is required to design something.

After I started mending though I did make a few new designs.
 I am so excited to finally feel some confidence in my jewelry making. 
To have an idea and to be able to execute it.

 I am really happy with both of these designs. The earrings are so fun, they really remind me of peacock feathers. 

The ring was my attempt at making a cabachon setting.

 I didn't think I was going to like it
 but when I finished it and put it on I fell in love with it.
 I can see variations coming from both of these.

I also had just the worst disaster.
 This piece refused to conform to what I wanted. I redid it several times. 
I just don't think I am skilled enough to attempt this design. I have stepped back from this and will maybe attempt it again when I feel more confident. 

All in all though, I feel like I am making progress. has your month been going?

Breaking My Silence

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   I've decided I have been quiet long enough and I need to come and talk to you again. 
I've been hesitating because I worked so hard on this blog,
 I really thought I was going in a great direction. 
I renamed it. 
I changed my content and made it all fresh and new.
 It is really hard for me to admit that things are just not going to keep on in that direction. 
I hate failures but I am afraid that this was definitely one. 

   You see, with the chance we won't be living on this mountain forever and remodeling only a small part of my life right now I need to write on what my life is focused on or not at all. 
The one part that I did get right and will never stop doing is Making. 
I don't think I could ever stop making something.
 But I have put away my fibers, my ribbons and fabric. My sewing machine is dusty and so is my paint brush. I didn't think it was fair to you to come back here and not set things straight. 
Design by Nicole Hanna
  I have decided to forge straight ahead with the jewelry designing.
 I just so love it and I can't seem to get enough. It completely solves my eyes problems because I don't even notice the spots on my retina when I am wrapping. 
And making jewelry doesn't tire my eyes.
 It also satisfies my deep need for intricacy and perfection. I can work hard to make my pieces perfect, something I am a long way from, and still not feel exhausted from it like I start feeling with my embroidery.

   SO my focus is going to change to what I am doing and I might as well just admit it right now from the will change. 
Oh not that I will probably stop making wire wraps. I doubt that. BUT...I love learning new things and I love making beautiful things. So from now on I refuse to put myself in a box. 
  This blog is about me.
Me and my crazy life wandering around the country side and making. 
I don't know what I will be making but I know I will be making something. 

So Making by Cymberrain? It has a nice ring to it. 
I dunno. The blog stuff I will worry about as it goes along. Just know if you chose to continue following me you will see me making....

    Thanks for sticking with me this far and hope you are doing fantastic!

On My Ever Changing Life

I have been remiss in posting here. I promised you a post on the progress in the entryway. A task that has been ongoing for awhile due to weather and laziness. I am not going to post about that though. Truthfully, my heart is not in it. In fact, I may never post about this house again. You see, we have decided to sell our house.

 A lot of changes have happened in the last month. SO much so that my head is awhirl with thoughts and I am having a hard time sorting them. But onto the facts. My husbands contract is done soon and he is ready to move onto the next big project. This does not include staying anywhere near here so we are selling our house. The next few months will be full of finishing our latest projects and making the house ready to sell. Also many days of sorting items and tossing them or readying them to sell on Ebay or the local classified site. Because, and here is the kicker, we are hoping to migrate back across the sea. It's time for me to come home. A decade in another country was great, I do love it here. But I am ready to play with my grandson, visit with my children and friends and once again view the Pacific. I miss home.

 I am in a quandary about this blog though. I just spent a lot of time and effort to redo my blog. I renamed it. Bought the domain name 'Making on the Mountain' and generally changed my gears toward writing about my life in general instead of my art. Now once again my life has changed. My sis says I need to rename again and this time focus on the fact that my life is always changing. I am always exploring into new art areas, travelling and changing my locale. I have moved 5 times in 9 years of living here in France. I don't tend to stay in one place too long! I also tend to get lost in one area of my life, working non stop to learn a new art or just to make art and everything else falls by the side. The last month or so I have been hyper focused on my jewelry. I am learning all the new techniques I can find and also taking a design class specifically focused on jewelry design. No DIY projects here right now or anything else much.

 I have to take a step back to rethink where I am going from here. I no longer have the heart to write about a house that will no longer be my home. I am not gong away though, I am simply stepping back and regrouping. I still have so much to say...

Playing with Wire

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Playing with Wire
I know I haven't updated you about the house recently but that's because there really isn't much to see right now. We are busy putting fermacell downstairs in the entryway and it is a piece-by-piece job that is going a little slow. Since I have to go outside to cut it, I don't work when it is raining. Also I am not strong enough to drill into the concrete walls so I have to wait till Frenchie has time to put up studs before I can do any work on a wall. Fortunately we are getting close to finishing that room and I will be showing you some pictures then.
In the meantime I am working a lot on other areas of my life. First off as I wrote before, I closed my shop. I will no longer be dyeing fabrics and ribbons to sell. I may from time to time do a dye batch but it is definitely not where I will be concentrating. I also won't be doing much embroidery work. My eye is still not healed from the last bubble in my retina, I am beginning to wonder if it ever will. I have been turning more and more to my wire wrapping. I adore making things with wire almost as much as I enjoy my stitching. Taking a boring spool of wire and ending up with something beautiful that I can wear, well who wouldn't love that?
          I have worked on and off for probably two years with wire but I had no experience whatsoever when I started. Everything I have done I figured out on my own but I finally had to admit that I needed to learn some new techniques. Last year I won some tutorials from Gailavera Jewelry and I never did anything with them except try one piece, 
 I decided to start off my learning, I would work my way through several of these tutorials to teach me the methods. It has been great fun this week twisting away with my wire and I have a few pretties to show for it. 
I soon realized that the tutorials were not enough though so I joined a class that teaches several other methods. I am also taking a class on jewelry design. I know I have been designing things for years but this class really spoke to me and it is sparking my creativity in ways that I haven't felt in a long time. I have already designed a new jewelry piece, though I am not skilled enough to make it, someday soon though I hope to be.

           This means the next few months will be devoted in a big way towards learning my wire wrapping. I think I am good at it. I know I have a lot of work to do to get better but I seem to come naturally to it and think I can improve a lot. I'm quite excited about this because it gives me another outlet for my creativity. No more feeling sorry for myself because my eyes aren't up to my teeny tiny stitches. If you love wire wrapping then stay tuned, I am sure there will be a few on these pages coming soon.

Hope you are having a great first week of your new year!