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Sun, Moon and Stars

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Sun, Moon and Stars

Well all of my fabric has been unpacked. I played with it yesterday, sorting it into different piles. Feeling the softness of the velvet, the slickness of the silk. I forgot how much I had, how many pieces I truly loved What brought me to this place was a post done by a much admired fiber artist that I have followed for almost ten years now. I saw her post on my facebook timeline and clicked over to read it and when I did something happened. I don't know if it was the distress of the day or something else I can't define but I decided I couldn't spend the rest of my life not sewing. Life is too short and I hold it too dear. So right then and there, in the blink of an eye, I told myself enough is enough. It is time to sew again.

She is giving a class that one can follow along with and make something similar to what she is doing. I decided I am going to do this class. It is a way to find myself back to where I was so long ago when I had to put down my needles and 'REST'. Well that advice wasn't much good as I still have the same problem I did when my doctor told me that, so here I go...

She starts with a nine piece square, something I have never done. I picked out my pieces of fabric last night and ironed them all, today I will stitch them together. It is cold out and it feels good, curled up here with my blanket and my cloth on my lap. Good times!

Cloth is Comfort

Cloth is Comfort
 I am home again. Done with the airplanes. No more strange beds. Suitcases unpacked and various goodies have found their place here in my home. I spent a week in bed mostly, just sleeping. or at my computer drowsily emptying my email box. 

     Finally the time is coming round to me, or me to it. And then the election hit and I just wanted to go back to bed. I still do. And amidst all this confusion, this lethargy brought on by jet lag and confusion, I am seeking comfort. And when I seek comfort I always turn to cloth. It has been my love forever. 

To put a needle to cloth and make my imagination come alive with the colors and twists of thread and fabric. It really is my greatest love. So I am picking up my needle again despite my eyes. I have let my eyes rest for two years, have they healed? NO. Resting is not going to do it. So why should I spend the rest of my life rejecting my greatest love if it isn't benefitting me at all?
 I go for an appointment in December to have the damage looked at once again, I will discuss it with my doctor then but in the meantime I am going to sew. I need to.

Kitchen Update

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Kitchen Update

I promised I would write a bit about the house. The thing is there has been SO MUCH done on the house since I last wrote about it. It's a bit overwhelming. I decided I would pick out one small project I did and show you that first.
This is what greeted me when I first looked at the house.
Now if you have been following my blog you know that my kitchen has been the bane of my existence since we moved in. Absolutely NO storage space. Cabinets in odd places and just generally dark and unwelcoming.
A brand new coat of paint!

 If you look at my previous posts on my kitchen then you know that I gave it a nice bright coat of white paint with a splash of bright red on that awful stuccoed wall beneath the counter. That helped immensely. Then I went on to mount all the shelves on the walls and make my jars for storage. Another big step that was a great improvement. 
The shelves were a big help.

Now before I go any further I have to point out that these are just stop gap measures. We plan on redoing the kitchen in the future but it is not a priority at all so this may very well be in two or three years. No way to determine how long at this point.

So I decided to redo the space in the counter area. This whole section is my most hated part of the kitchen. It is just a huge stuccoed wall with a hole in the center.  When we moved in it had an ugly curtain hung up there and inside was a shelf. This was my one storage space in the whole kitchen. Ugh!
The finished project.

I first cut down a set of drawers and put in the hole with a makeshift shelf with a few baskets on it. It was serviceable but not very nice to look at. Also the drawers were old and stuck frequently, they also had horrid contact paper inside of them and had a general air of neglect about them. So I completely dismantled the drawers. I took a wire brush and some wd-40 the the drawer slides before remounting them. Then I stripped the contact paper off the drawers, scrubbed them down and sanded them thoroughly. I also sanded the outside structure. Then I painted it all black. I purchased some gorgeous blackened chrome drawer pulls and attached them to the drawers and the finishing touch was this bright polka dot drawer liner. What a difference!

I then took the two old cabinets that had been left behind and sanded them down and painted them the same black, with the new cabinet pulls on them.

My last part of the project was building a nice sturdy shelf for the baskets. I took some nice heavy plyboard and cut and assembled the shelves and then painted them the same black. Also painting the floor of the hole black.

I think this looks so much better. The drawers work like new and the shelf for the baskets is much better than what I had in there before.  I think this will be great until we do redo the kitchen. Sorry that I didn't take pictures of the process, I didn't even think about it till it was all done.

Hope you enjoyed the update. I still have much more to write about but right now it is time to start packing my suitcase. I am heading to the U.S. for a month to catch up on family and friends!

Finally Summer!

Finally Summer!

  I wrote this post about two months ago...and then forgot to post it! That should tell you right there how crazy my life has been this summer. It hasn't slowed down much at all except when I had bronchitis. SO, I was going to post today about some things that have been going on and I found this post sitting there waiting to be posted. So for now you must content yourself with some of my jewelry creations. I promise I will post some house updates soon!

Amazing how the weather has been lately, isn't it?
 I have read so many posts on facebook about people wondering 
what is up in their corner of the world.
 Well we are no different here. It has been the strangest long drawn out winter. 
I had one day last month where I woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground.
 It proceeded to melt and the sun was shining like crazy. 
Then it went on to snow, with another 3" accumulation on the ground, 
melt/sun, rain/hail, snow again, sun again, snow...all within about 6 hours of time.
 I have never seen such a crazy weather day in my life! Finally though spring is here...or maybe summer but that is iffy. I am still wearing jackets off and on. Today is the third day this month where I opened the windows. I am sure being in the mountains has a lot to do with this but it is so odd to me.

  So because of this weather I never really got out of my hibernating mode this year. 
I never hit my spring cleaning phase like I always do. 
I have been quiet, spending my days wrapping wire, which I continue to absolutely love, 
or working on small projects around the house.  
I will try to update you on a few things I have done. 
But today I am just going to post a few photos of my latest jewelry designs. 
I am still so happy with the wire. It has lifted me out of my depression over my sewing. 
It is almost as good as thread! 
It has giving me a new hope, a much needed hope in my life
 so please forgive my constant crowing over it. I am so happy though!

   This pendant design came to me in a dream one night 
and I got up the next morning
and started working hard to capture it.
 It took me an entire week to work out the kinks and finally it coalesced into what I wanted.
It was quite a struggle there for awhile with a massive ball of wires coming out in every direction!
 I am learning though and I think I am finally getting it!

 This is a gorgeous piece of blue agate I bought in Bordeaux 
and as a nice touch I added a beautiful purple pearl that I bought from Debbie Fang, a very talented jewelry artist who also has a hoard of gems that would make anyone swoon.

   This is a pair of earrings I made a few weeks back. 
As usual I got the design in my head and I could not stop thinking about it until I made them. 
I am beginning to see a certain style creep into my work.
 I don't know if this is just a phase or not but I do seem to be going intricate just like with my thread work.

I love creeping leaves and flowers.
 I remember in highschool we would take big sheets of paper on breaks and draw with our markers. Everyone would join in and I so wish I still had a few of those, they were so much fun.
 I was always drawing vines with roses. Not sure why I like this motif so much but I still find myself scribbling them in the borders of my notes and such.

  And finally a pair of boho chandelier earrings that are big and chunky
 and hang almost to my shoulders!
 They feel so daring and bright and bold. 
The beads at the bottom are little pips in picasso. 
They are a silver finish with little splashes of black and spots of a golden yellow here and there. 
I adore those beads and they are the whole inspiration for these earrings. 
They begged to be hung from the ears to click and jingle away as they sway back and forth.

  So see, I have been busy. 
I will try to update you more often instead of trying to cram a bunch into one post. 
I still have plenty of other things to tell you about what's going on in the house and I promise I will do that very soon!

  Hope you are having a very nice bit of weather in your part of the world.  


A Few New Designs

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A Few New Designs
I was hit by a stomach bug this month and it really knocked me down for a few weeks. 
Still clawing my way back to normalcy but I am mostly my old self. 
When I was feeling pretty low I just sat and did tutorial work. 
Love that stuff when I don't feel good enough to design. 
Fills my need to create without the energy that is required to design something.

After I started mending though I did make a few new designs.
 I am so excited to finally feel some confidence in my jewelry making. 
To have an idea and to be able to execute it.

 I am really happy with both of these designs. The earrings are so fun, they really remind me of peacock feathers. 

The ring was my attempt at making a cabachon setting.

 I didn't think I was going to like it
 but when I finished it and put it on I fell in love with it.
 I can see variations coming from both of these.

I also had just the worst disaster.
 This piece refused to conform to what I wanted. I redid it several times. 
I just don't think I am skilled enough to attempt this design. I have stepped back from this and will maybe attempt it again when I feel more confident. 

All in all though, I feel like I am making progress. has your month been going?