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My New Website

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I know I haven't posted here for a long time and I probably won't again. We are discussing the possiblity of moving from here so I doubt there will be house updates. Kinda lost my enthusiasm for the place with injuries and mishaps. Anyway, I have finished my new website and the blog and shop are all combined into one. Come on by and see my new digs!

A Few Big Changes

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I have talked a lot about how I am changing direction in my career and will soon be opening a new shop. Things are going along at a fast pace and this post is just to inform my readers that I am in the midst of setting up that new shop as we speak and there will be a blog connected to that shop at my own website I have decided to devote that blog to what goes on here in my studio. My jewelry making, drawing, experiments. All of it.
So what about this blog? Well I have decided to keep it but devote it to just the posts about the house. I know I haven't written much about the house for awhile and it could be that I post very little about it. If you want to stay informed on what we are doing here then you could continue to follow this blog. If you are more interested in following my art pursuits I will be sending out an email and posting here when my new store/blog is launching and you will be able to sign up for it then.
In the meantime I will be moving some of my posts over to the new blog that pertain more to that subject matter and leaving the post on the house here. So if you notice posts going missing, you will know what is happening :)

May you all have a very creative day!

Stepping Back

Stepping Back


   My recent blog posts have been about my foray back into fabric. If you know me at all you know that I have had a long and very intimate relationship with fabric. Simply put, I love it. I grew up with fabric, made my own barbie clothes when I was tiny. Made a lot of my clothes in highschool. Fashioned my children clothes and embroidered their sweatshirts and dresses. I spent over a decade of my life in downtown Seattle manipulating the threads of fabric to invisibly mend everything from suits to cashmere sweaters to an almost century old teddy bear. I then went on to spend another ten years manipulating threads into my own visions of art and dyeing beautiful pieces of luscious silk and velvet. To say I have an intimate relationship with fabric is putting it lightly. So of course when I was at my lowest that I have been in years I turned back to the comfort of my cloth. I needed to be surrounded with the piles of color and texture. It was very hard for me to leave them to go down south this year for Christmas. 

      Now that I have returned, I have sat here for a month and can not move forward. I know I have been combating this illness (four months now) but that is not enough for this blankness. I simply hit a dead end. Instead I dream of jewelry designs. I didn't want these designs, I wanted to sew. I ignored them and instead would sit for days staring at that piece and feeling nothing. I cut the sun out because it was really disturbing me but it didn't help. I scribbled sketches but they all felt flat. So I am admitting defeat for now. If I have learned one thing about my art in all this time it is that I can't force it. If it isn't there then I need to step away until it returns.

     Therefore I am returning to my wire. If that is what is speaking to me then that is where I am at! I started a year ago to teach myself how to use wire professionally. It was my goal for 2016 and I am very satisfied with the results. I feel that I can make a professional piece now that is worthy of a place in my shop.

       My goal this year is to get my business license back up and running. This is a big one because the laws here in France changed. I am now required to take a week long business class in french. I can speak french, though not well. My biggest problem is I have a very hard time understanding people when THEY speak french. I can't imagine how I will do trying to learn on a subject I have always been awful at. Business is not my forte. Wish me luck as I truly need it. My second goal for this year is getting my shop repopulated with new work and be back in business. I do have quite a few things already made, Many designs I can work off of and many dancing around in my head.

      So for now I am setting aside my fabric once again. I apologize if I led you on (Linda you know this is for you) This doesn't mean I won't pick it up again. It is all right here in front of me. My threads and needles, bits of fabric in baskets and such. It only takes a stretch of my arm and they could be in my hands again. I admit defeat for the moment though and follow what is speaking to me. Well, I always have been a little flighty! Haha.

Edit That

So here is what happened last night:

I have looked at this piece since I got home. Here I was, chomping at the bit the whole time I was down south for Christmas, wanting to be home to work on this piece. Then I get home and all I can do is look at it and it was just bugging me silly. I couldn't figure out what it was at first but then it hit me. This sun does not belong here. I originally dreamed this sun and it was part of a bigger picture. It also has a lot of negative thoughts associated with it and I think that is the main thing holding me back. SO..I snipped it. Now let's see what happens.

Hope you are all well!

Sun, Moon and Star Update

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I wanted to write you a quick update today 
as I am flying out in the morning for the south of France.
 I won't be working on my piece while I am down there 
but I wanted to show you my progress so far.
I picked the lower left hand corner for my first sun and I wanted it to be red.
 I really liked the way this cotton gauze and silk gauze looked together...

I layered them over a piece of golden velvet and appliqued them onto my square 
and then created the face. 
I have never used the silk gauze in my sewing,
 I mainly had it on hand for the shop for nuno felters.
 I think in the future I will avoid it for this type of work.
 It snags easily and I wasn't expecting that. But it is here now so it will stay.
 Unfortunately two of the other squares are layered with the silk gauze on top of cotton.
 I will have to take special care with them.
 Ah well, lesson learned.

I had a lot of fun with this applique method. 
One I really haven't used before but I found the silk was such a dream to handle. 
I started with Silk Charmeuse which is as always gorgeous
 but it is a bit thick for the corners I am working on. 
So the second ray I used silk habotai which is perfect for those extreme angles,
 then I pulled out a pile of silk ribbons because they are so nicely variegated and the 12 cm is wide enough that I was able to do the third ray with a ribbon.
 I will definitely be using this method with silk in the future. 
It gives me much more control of my angles and curves
 and I think with practice will even go a lot quicker than my old methods, 
Hand stitched satin stitch is a long consuming thing and was not always the effect I was going for in the past so I am glad that this looks so good without it.

I am sure I will be eager to pick up where I left off when I return home.
 I am so happy to continue stitching again. 
My eye doctor agrees with me that resting has not solved my eye problems and so there is no sense in continuing to go without sewing. I will return for observation in another 45 days. 

Hope you all have a blessed holiday season,