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A Few Big Changes

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I have talked a lot about how I am changing direction in my career and will soon be opening a new shop. Things are going along at a fast pace and this post is just to inform my readers that I am in the midst of setting up that new shop as we speak and there will be a blog connected to that shop at my own website I have decided to devote that blog to what goes on here in my studio. My jewelry making, drawing, experiments. All of it.
So what about this blog? Well I have decided to keep it but devote it to just the posts about the house. I know I haven't written much about the house for awhile and it could be that I post very little about it. If you want to stay informed on what we are doing here then you could continue to follow this blog. If you are more interested in following my art pursuits I will be sending out an email and posting here when my new store/blog is launching and you will be able to sign up for it then.
In the meantime I will be moving some of my posts over to the new blog that pertain more to that subject matter and leaving the post on the house here. So if you notice posts going missing, you will know what is happening :)

May you all have a very creative day!

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1 comment

  1. This is a huge task. Good luck with the moves and the new shop and blog. You are moving forward...always a good sign.
    xx, Carol